Christology Batch '10-'11

Hi! Sorry for not posting lately..x.x

Here are today’s assignments and reminders!

  • Chapter Test on Thursday – A.P.
    • Also, don’t forget that Brochure making was moved TOMORROW.
  • Quiz in ELA.


Just a few reminders, don’t forget to do the assignment in Math, and don’t forget to bring your stuff for Art tomorrow.

  • Science – Bring the FF on Friday (Thanks Celina and Keian!) :
    • By Group
      • Masking Tape
      • Measuring Tape
      • 25 centavo coins
    • Individual
      • Lab Gown
      • Clear, Transparent Ruler (isn’t this quite redundant?)
      • Pencil
  • P.E. (Girls) – Answer pages 153-157 of your book, and don’t forget to:
    • Get your height (in meters) andย  your weight (in kilograms)
    • Get your RHR, MHR, etc, etc, etc. (xD)
  • Math – Reminders! Don’t forget to do the assignments given by Ms. Toni yesterday!
  • Health – Get ready to make your family tree next meeting.

Also, Ms. Toni told us to tell the others NOT to leave there stuff in their tables, (ehem, Isidro..) she says that when she finds you leaving stuff in your tables again, you won’t see them again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, I think it’s just fair that we also have a male admin, for other updates specifically only for boys, you P.E., etc. Just talk to Sam or me.

Please comment if I missed something, because that’s all I have in my notes.

Nightsouled (Winona)

Today, we have a couple of stuff to do, but fortunately, we can do it tomorrow, considering that it’s ZLL, and we’ll be dismissed at 3:30.

  • Quiz on Friday – Math
  • Assignment in Math
    • Pg. 10 Letter D, all odd numbers
    • Pg 11 Letter C, numbers 21 & 22
    • Pg. 12 Letter D, numbers 31,33 and 35
  • Do activity 2.2 (The first part where you have to label the parts of the microscope) – Science
  • Chapter Test on July 13 – A.P.
  • On July 15, bring the FF: (A.P.)
    • Long Plastic Envelope
    • Construction Paper (assorted colors)
    • Glue/Paste
    • Coloring Materials
    • Ruler
  • Quiz next meeting – Computer
  • Girls only: Bring Buri Hat TOMORROW.

If I missed anything, please comment below. Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜€

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